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Wednesday, September 22, 2004

That Sef Gonzales Case

See! now we can define exactly what justice means, but not in our own land. How long did it took them to do the investigation and the court trials? In just 2 years, it's a closed case, can you imagine that? Justice is served!

Try to compare it to Nida Blanca's case or many other cases that involves high profile people. Bullshit, Isn't it? I wonder why is that blindfolded woman statue still on the justice supreme court? They should change it with the most stinky shit
statue in the world. Pardon my word, but I need to release it one more time, BULLLLLLLLLL SHITTTTTTTTTT! Try it, feels good.

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Anonymous said...

Sef Gonzales purchased deadly toxic materials from my business only days before his family was murdered. He used them to pretend that his family was victim of a food poison scare.
If he was innocent, then why does he lie all the time, and why does he need to buy poisons?
I think justice has been served. Why would you want someone like that running around free? In any country?