Wentong lasing, wentong walang wenta, wento ng buhay-buhay, wento ng mga walang wentang tao dito sa singapore, nasa oz na!

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

I Envy...

I am a struggling young man. Although, I managed to secure my job here, I still have many hopes that I want to achieve, for my family and my self. I want the best education for my son, to have the house that I desire, a car to drive and to have an early retirement. How many I's and MY's did I wrote? Am I too selfish?

I think it is in the blood of most of us that still crave for more even we had more than enough. Yes, we have our own diffent principles, but at the end it, it is still a self-centered egoistic principle. We still want to feel our own SELF-fullfillment.

I envy those who achieved inner bliss, those who worked for others not for themselves, those who offered everything and left nothing for themselves and those who have no worries. I envy a child's laughter, simple but true.

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