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Saturday, October 23, 2004

Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow

At first, I thought we had chosen a wrong movie. The cinematography was done in a classic-style colored movie and was like watching a cartoon-to-movie film. But it turns out to be a full-action-adventure-fiction film with the likes of superheros thing. I did not see any dull moment because almost everything was set in a fast-pace story-telling. I'm not much of a movie critic but my personal rating for this movie is 4 out of 5 stars.

"It's like a film that escaped from the imagination directly onto the screen, without having to pass through reality along the way."
RATING : A / Chicago Sun-Times-Roger Ebert


Cerridwen said...

since you made that comment, even though I don't care much going to the theater, I will go there to see it this weekend.... I will just rush inside to avoid the pesty smell of the popcorn :(

BongK said...

tipong "Final Fantasy" ba itong movie na ito?

magandang araw

watson said...

Hello BongK! Hindi CGI yung mga characters, live action sya. But special effects were extensively used to create the effects. 1930s ang dating pero 21st century ang tema.

Pre, my wife and I along with a couple of friends watched this last weekend. OK sya, kung merong nag-iinterview sa labas ng cinema, sasabihin namin sana na a-la Jurassic Park, Titanic at Star Wars sya hehehe. We enjoyed the movie too.

Tanggero said...

G! allergic to the smell of popcorn? I remember when I was a kid, I really love the smell of QUAD cinema in makati simply bec. of the freshly cooked popcorn.

Bossing BongK, mala-batman the movie o lara croft, heheh

Pre watson! we only accidentally watched it last friday dahil walang ibang maganda. Minsan lang kami makaligtas ng date ni esmi, hehehe. And we enjoyed it.

Ate Sienna said...

sabi nga nila, maganda itong pelikulang ito. maabangan nga sa DVD. hehehe, mahal kasi sine dito eh :)

Tanggero said...

Ate siens, sometimes, sarap pa rin manood ng sine, holding hands, akbayan, kilitian sa madilim na sulok ng sinehan, hahaha. Post ako minsan tungkol sa kababalaghan sa loob ng sinehan, hehehe.

Anonymous said...

ganda nya talaga