Wentong lasing, wentong walang wenta, wento ng buhay-buhay, wento ng mga walang wentang tao dito sa singapore, nasa oz na!

Monday, October 04, 2004

Rare, medium-rare or well-done?

I just love to relax on weekend. Although I was quite busy the whole saturday afternoon, attending a meeting with a client for some moonlighting and going to the Lucky Plaza Mall to remit some money for my mother, the rest was quite restful. My brother in law held his bday party in our house but I did not join the drinking session, besides his bwisitors are all chinese. I'll just get a headache listening to their stupid chinese jokes and I'm not in the mood to get drunk bec. I need to study my tabing guhit (sideline). So, I just get some beer cans, watched the tong-its session of the amasonas and slept before midnight.

The 3 of us went on swimming the following day together with kylie (my niece) and her yaya. Baby S is improving on his swimming skills. He's not afraid anymore on going to the adult pool, floating and maneuvering his direction only with the help of the small floaters in his arms. Now, I can leave him floating at the center of the pool while I'm doing my laps. I'm very proud to see him improving his skills, maybe sooner or later, I can play tennis and basketball with him already. My wife is also learning how to swim, although she just started, she already have mastered one swimming style, the talaba style, hehehe. I know she'll learn soon as long as she's not too complexion-paranoid (takot umitim). She end up complaining about her now 2-toned skin because the contrast of the covered part of her skin and the uncovered sun-tanned skin is too obvious, heheh. Anyway, we really enjoyed the swimming.

The whole sunday afternoon was just about eating, watching tv, sleeping, playing and eating some more. We planned to go out for sunday mass and malling but it rained hard in the late afternoon, so we turned-up to be all sleeping until night. Woke up for dinner and after that, worked on my sideline with my wife till midnight.
And ended my weekend with a glass of red wine. Hik!


fionski said...

Tell your lovely wife to wear long sleeved shirts and turtle necks... ALWAYS!
And she should use a sunblock w/ SPF200... Best used when ingested. Hehehe!

BongK said...

wow!, kala ko nagkamali ako ng pasok ng sayt, bagong template ha, ang liwanag, maaliwalas sa paningin, sana ako makagawa din ng template kaya lang hindi ako marunong, hindi ako nag paparinig ha, sinasabi ko lang na hindi ako marunong gumawa ng sariling template..

Tanggero said...

ahehehe, bossing bong, kinopya ko lang yang timplit na abeylabol sa blogspot timplit lists, di ko gawa yan. sakit nga yata sa mata, palitan ko kaya ulits, hehe

Ate Sienna said...

sarap naman ng weekend nyo... it's days like that that makes you really, really relaxed and ready for the coming week :)

Tanggero said...

Hello ate Sienna, thanks for visiting! Yup, it is quite a relaxing weekend ahead the coming busy days. Sana araw-araw linggo, hehehe.