Wentong lasing, wentong walang wenta, wento ng buhay-buhay, wento ng mga walang wentang tao dito sa singapore, nasa oz na!

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Singapore River

Elgin Bridge on South Bridge Road with the Parliament House on the inset. Photo taken fron the Riverwalk Mall.

Raffles Place skylines taken from the Elgin Bridge and overlooking the Singapore River. Along the riverside is the Boat Quay, famous for its night spots, outdoor and indoor restaurants and cafe's.


Owen FV said...

the first time i was by the singapore river in boat quay, i fell in love with it right there and then. But havent been there for so long already, id say almost a year. have to check the new spots!

Tanggero said...

Pre owen! sarap sana kung ganyan din ang ilog pasig ano. dream on, hehehe.
Anyway, fav. ni Sean ang sumakay sa boat kaya madalas kami dyan