Wentong lasing, wentong walang wenta, wento ng buhay-buhay, wento ng mga walang wentang tao dito sa singapore, nasa oz na!

Saturday, December 11, 2004

Weekend Menu

We're heading to the beach this afternoon and will camp there overnight, nice! Just in time to relax and unwind, eat some bb-q and drink booze with friends. I need this.
Baby S was sick for the past few days, good thing he's ok now, back to normal him, charged with superpowers and energy that never drains-out, super-likot but still sweet. It's hard to see him sick, guess every parent knows the feeling. He don't want to take his medicines so we have to facilitate it the hard way. I have to hold him and wife have to force him to take it by using an injection(w/out syringe). He misses going to school.
Bo lost his false teeth this morning and it's nowhere to find. He said he just put it on the dining table but somebody may have trashed it. The house was put upside down this morning just to find that 1 piece jacketed-tooth and he can't go to work because he looks like chita-eh na walang ipin sa harap. We gave him alternative solutions like corn-bits, styro-foam, bubble-gum, cut-rubber slipper, I don't know if he still went to work. But I guess that makes our day.
I can't go back this december for my surgery for some reasons. I'll just postponed it on early january or the chinese new year to have a longer vacation. arrivederci!


watson said...

Pre! Camping out is really nice! We used to plan similar outings with my friends here in the office but these days, we're all too busy with work and family. At least there was a time when we were able to do these. Sure miss those times though.

Tanggero said...

Pre watson, enjoy ang camping, specially on the park along the beach.

Tin said...

sarap naman, camp-out! saan yan sa east coast or west coast? good to know gumaling na bebe mo.

ang wala akong masabi sa nawawalang ngipin.. ok yung mga naisip nyong alternatives! hehe.

Tanggero said...

Hello Tin, Pasir ris kami nagpa-book, over-crowded kasi sa East coast and Sentosa. Mukhang magiging new-found hobby namin ang camping, enjoy kasi. Have a nice day! :)