Wentong lasing, wentong walang wenta, wento ng buhay-buhay, wento ng mga walang wentang tao dito sa singapore, nasa oz na!

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Blog about what???

weight - i was 65 kg when i arrived here in sg, 10 kg's was gained after 4 years, fu*k! if we were in carnivorous era, i could say that i ate half of my son's body. though i'm comfortable with my dick size, i still get my ass back to gym to loose 10 kg, soon. do testicle grow?

height - 5'8" on Y-axis, and 7" on X-axis

age - 3 years to go and i'm going to UN-fullfill my goal to set-up my own business. My goal-metabolism seems to slow down with my body-metabolism. yeah right, 3 years is a long way to go but with my static career and growing parasites responsibility, i'm not that confident. Be called BOSS at the age of 30, dream on.

car - not in sg. taxi drivers are complaining here, almost every part is almost accessible with CONVENIENT public transport.

hair - my 2 late grandpa had bald spots. Base on my research, if you inherited it,
you will start to loose your hair on late 20's. for now, I don't have the sign of balding and if i'm going to - i'll handle it a la-andre agassi. shet, i better start saving for my hair transplant

work - happy but not contented or contented but not happy, i don't know either.

education - to pursue my training to become a helicopter and plane pilot, soon i'll be aquiring my greatest dream - a rc-controlled chopper.

books - i opted to collect all robert ludlum's, i already have one.

gadgets on my bag - sony mp3 discman, oakley shade, nokia hp, samsung digicam,
umbrella and chicken sandwich with pineapple.

office coffeecup - free ceramic cup from sembawang music center, 4 years old - i wonder if i can sell this on antique shop, or on ebay auction maybe.


metal said...

so, bro...you are on a scale of 7, hehehe (darn, i'm short of an eighth)...hahaha, astig.

being a boss at 30 ain't a farout aspiration...it is very possible tropa. just stay focused and determined and i'm sure mangyayari yan. di naman siguro bulag ang mga superiors para di makita yun. pag binigyan ka ng trabaho even out of your responsibility, tanggap lang ng tanggap. it would soon pay off. you'll see, dreams will soon be real.

on the work: so you are happy but not contented? mine is different, i love my job, it is the work that i hate...hahaha, just kidding. 'til the, bro.

Tanggero said...

thanks for the comments idol metal

rolly said...

I'm still confused with the dimensions. So vertically, you're 5'8" and horizontally 7"... hmm, ano yun. tyan?

Cerridwen said...

i got lost int he 7" dimension but I am thinking it is your feet hehehe

i think balding will be quite a ways for you still...

ting-aling said...

haha..when you reach forty, you'll soon stop counting and keeping track of your stats.

ting-aling said...
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watson said...

Hello Tanggers. Mukhang likas na tumataba ang tao habang nag-aadvance sa age. Yung mga kaklase ko ng high school, nagtatabaan rin nang nakita ko photos nila last year. Malaki na rin pala tyan mo hehehe.

Mukha ngang may influence ang genes sa hair loss. Classic example kasi ako hehehe.

Tanggero said...

Sir Rolly, tumpak! hahaha

Hello G! zup wazzup! it's my belly, nyehehe. pero i got it worked-out kaya about 3 inches na lang if u measure it from my chest.

Hello Ma'am Ting, ano vital stats mo po? :)

Pre watson! andaling magpataba, hirap magpa-payat. Masyado lang akong na-concious, panay tukso kasi ni esmi sa tyan ko, dati kasi akong yatot. yaan mo, post ko tyan ko minsan, hehehe