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Saturday, February 05, 2005

ain't no fancy meal

Went to the company dinner last night on our boss' new house, a S$ 3M 2-storey with basement modern-contemporary residence. Converted to our peso, it would be less than a 100M residential property and I'm talking about only the house, less the lot. Damn! I could build maybe about 20-units A-1 class condominium complete with facilities on that amount of money, in Pinas of course.

we had popiah and porridge for dinner and i enjoyed them a lot. Popiah is a local delicacy comparable to our 'lumpiang sariwa', but with more added ingredients. On a lumpia wrapper, place a chinese lettuce leaf, then spread some chili paste, grinded nuts, grinded salted fish, egg, shrimp, sliced chorizo, bean sprouts and saute'd mixed vegies, then wrap it same as lumpia. Put in the sweet sauce with garlic and yum! I had 2 pieces of it. Then porridge, with toppings of thinly sliced beef steak, grilled pork, century egg, onion leaf and chili soy sauce. That give me an idea that we could really enjoy even a simple meal if we share-in a little effort in preparing them before putting it on our mouth. And we will not enjoy the dinner without the Wine, the boss have a wine cellar - a temperature-controlled room. I think we have openned 4 bottles of fine red wine.

going home, my colleague commented that we should not go to that kind of houses, we will only have a feeling of self-pity and ended up asking why ain't I born rich like them. I just kept quiet but not anxious. In fact I smiled to my self because I surely know that when I arrive home, my wife and my kid will welcome me with warm hugs and kisses.

but its fine if i could win the chinese new year lottery next week.


metal said...

whoooa...a house worth a 100M, damn, every piece must be very precious...kelan kaya ako makakaapak sa ganyang bahay. pero tama ka, bro...wala ng hihigit pa sa pagmamahal ng ating pamilya, wala ng mamahal pa sa kalusugan, wala ng mamahal pa sa katiwasayan sa buhay. importante naman tayo'y kontento. yung iba nga, maraming pera pero mas maraming problema.

tropa, wag mo ako kalimutan ha pag tumama ka ng lottery...hehehe,

Tanggero said...

idol Sir Metal, swimming tayo sa alak pag nanalo ako, hehehe

rolly said...

Ganito na lang isipin mo. Bakit mo kakailanganin ang ganong kalaki at karangyang bahay e mas sa menos e nasa trabaho ka para ma-maintain mo yun. Yung bahay, tutulugan mo lang yun. hehe Di natin sya kailangan.

Pero tama ka. Kung mananalo tayo sa lotto ng milyun-milyon, di natin tatanggihan yun. Syempre, di naman tayo suplado e.

cathcath said...

bumili ka na ba ng lotto?

when i was a kid, we took a vacation in my friend's vacation house. A caretaker was an old man who intimated to us that he once owned a house with as many
as 8 bedrooms. Then the children started leaving. He and his wife became very lonely with only the househelps as their companions.He sold the house
when the wife died.

The house is only as good when it is inhabited by
a family.Otherwise, it is just a showcase of luxury.

Tanggero said...

Sir Rolly, yun ang mga comments ng mga ka-trabaho ko...most of the time, kung di busy sa office ang boss, nasa ibang bansa kaya di rin na-e-enjoy ang ganung kagandang bahay pero na-e-enjoy ng mga bisita, heheheh.

Tanggero said...

M're Cat, tataya pa lang ako bukas, hehehe.

Pag ganung kalaking bahay ko, dapat 12 ang anak ko.

ting-aling said...

Tangero..siguro pag mayaman ka na, di mo na mae-enjoy yung mga simple lang sa buhay..masungit ba boss mo? pag mayaman ka na, ganoon ka din kasungit..sige ka.

Tanggero said...

Ma'am Ting, mapapangit ang masusungit, hehehe