Wentong lasing, wentong walang wenta, wento ng buhay-buhay, wento ng mga walang wentang tao dito sa singapore, nasa oz na!

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Sabado Nights

Last saturday was m-i-l's birthday and to celebrate it, we rented a chalet in Downtown East in Pasir Ris, the eastern most part of Singapore. Twas
another night of food and booze plus the music tripping. Since the people here are mostly peace(boring)-loving, playing amplified sounds is prohibittedv in residential areas during the wee hours and if you are a knukle-headed potato like us, you'll always end-up being reported to the guards/police by the peace loving(boring)-people of your neighborhood.
The chalet compound, a cluster of cottage rooms with a bb-q pit and dining table outside each doorway, was crowded by the overnighters like us AND we brought the most audible sound system in the area, HEHE, credit to my bro-in-law, a frustrated hip-hop dj and his mobile paraphernalias. And so, we're there for a vengeance, as we enjoyed the music of Andrew E, Salbakuta and other Pinoy artists. I just don't know what were the reactions of the p-l(b) people surrounding us bec we were busy enjoying ourselves. And as expected, we were ordered to volume-down by the flash-lights-armed-men at midnight. It didn't stopped us from partying, but less the loud
music, pag kasama ang mga 'el tomador', walang matutulog na may tirang alak, sayang kasi, baka mapanis. We packed-up at 4 am.
10am was the check-out time and I was the last one to get my ass to shower. Since the beach was just a stone-throw away, we decided to just stay there the whole day. My b-i-l picked-up my tent and bb-q grill in our flat and there were much leftovers so food was not a problem. Aside from eating, jamming "sa kalye" and sleeping, I also had a chance to show Sean my kite-flying skills. I tied it in a bench and let it fly the whole afternoon. Before we went home, he told me: "Daddy, can you bring down my kite, it's already tired flying eh".
And we end our weekend with kornik war! Hik!


racky said...

kawawang saranggola ... buti na lang di rin nalashing :D

sa susunod ipapahiram ko kay Sean bakya ko ... *toinks*

racky said...

eto meron akong dala para sa iyo... hehehe

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Tanggero said...

Mmy Nhengzkie, san mo napagkukuha yang trivias mo? heheheh

Yupki said...

Natawa ako sa line na ito: "peace(boring)-loving". PBL nga sila!

Tanggero said...

Yupki! mukhang na-experience mo ang pagiging PBL nila ha? hehehe.

Anonymous said...

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