Wentong lasing, wentong walang wenta, wento ng buhay-buhay, wento ng mga walang wentang tao dito sa singapore, nasa oz na!

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Blog about what???

weight - i was 65 kg when i arrived here in sg, 10 kg's was gained after 4 years, fu*k! if we were in carnivorous era, i could say that i ate half of my son's body. though i'm comfortable with my dick size, i still get my ass back to gym to loose 10 kg, soon. do testicle grow?

height - 5'8" on Y-axis, and 7" on X-axis

age - 3 years to go and i'm going to UN-fullfill my goal to set-up my own business. My goal-metabolism seems to slow down with my body-metabolism. yeah right, 3 years is a long way to go but with my static career and growing parasites responsibility, i'm not that confident. Be called BOSS at the age of 30, dream on.

car - not in sg. taxi drivers are complaining here, almost every part is almost accessible with CONVENIENT public transport.

hair - my 2 late grandpa had bald spots. Base on my research, if you inherited it,
you will start to loose your hair on late 20's. for now, I don't have the sign of balding and if i'm going to - i'll handle it a la-andre agassi. shet, i better start saving for my hair transplant

work - happy but not contented or contented but not happy, i don't know either.

education - to pursue my training to become a helicopter and plane pilot, soon i'll be aquiring my greatest dream - a rc-controlled chopper.

books - i opted to collect all robert ludlum's, i already have one.

gadgets on my bag - sony mp3 discman, oakley shade, nokia hp, samsung digicam,
umbrella and chicken sandwich with pineapple.

office coffeecup - free ceramic cup from sembawang music center, 4 years old - i wonder if i can sell this on antique shop, or on ebay auction maybe.

Tuesday, February 15, 2005


Nag-renew ako ng subscription sa internet. For my past 2 years subscription, nasa S$50 (around P1500) monthly ang bayad ko for DSL 250kbps unlimited usage at may free na DSL modem at wireless mouse. Ngayong nag-renew ako for another 2 years, mas ok ang mga freebies.

For 1500 kbps (6x my previous bandwidth) unlimited at $68 per month:
1. $250+ celfone voucher or $10 monthly rebate-I choose the rebate kaya naging $58 monthly na lang.
2. free DSL modem
3. free 1 month video-on-demand access to watch the movies from their database at ang malupet-
4. free Panasonic ST HT520 DVD Home Theatre System.

Last december pa nag-expire yung subscription ko pero di pa muna ko nag-renew dahil alam kong mas marami silang pakulo pag chinese new year. Ti-nest ko kagabi yung home theatre, di na masama. Most probably, pang-sound trip ko na lang 'to kasi may DVD player na kami na ginagamit ni baby S sa mga cartoons at educational cd's nya.

Enjoy nga pala yung bakasyon namin sa Malaysia, ayaw na ngang umuwi ni baby S at dun na lang daw kami tumira. Sarap nga namang mag-stay ng matagal dun, sa ibaba ng hotel, may mall at sa labas naman, may water theme park. Pasyal at kain lang kaya enjoy yung bata. I'll post the pictures sa Blog Shots Page.

May e-mail kanina galing sa itaas, nagso-sorry dahil hindi raw naisama yung taunang 'hong bao' (ang pao) sa sweldo last month at papasok sa account bukas. AYOS! Baka di makatulog at nakukunsensya kaya binigay din, hehehe. Salamat na rin kahit maliit lang, at least may award man lang ang mga paghihirap namin. Ganda nga ng ngiti ng mga tao dito, kaya maghapong nakatakip ilong ko, daming bad bret, whew!

Monday, February 14, 2005

Maligayang araw ng mga pusa este puson este puso pala :)

Pag Araw ng mga Puso, siguradong:

1. Mabenta na naman ang mga over-priced na bulaklak at stuffed toys.
2. Almost sold-out sa drug stores at convenient stores ang condom - try nyo nga pala ang mga bagong flavor - chili, salsa, curry at durian flavors with spikes.
3. Fully-booked and mga motels at hotels - ano ba hitsura ng motel room?
4. Mabenta rin ang viagra - pag ayaw pa rin tumigas, ipitin mo na lang sa pinto o kaya ipa-semento mo, all year matigas yan, mwehehehe.
5. pag around November ang berdey mo, ginawa ka sa araw ng mga puso - tanong mo na lang sa nanay at tatay mo kung san ka ginawa at swerte mo pag MADE IN ANITO ka, may lifetime free access ka, hingin mo lang resibo sa tatay mo, bwahahahah.
6. crowded sa Luneta (tipid).

Saturday, February 05, 2005

ain't no fancy meal

Went to the company dinner last night on our boss' new house, a S$ 3M 2-storey with basement modern-contemporary residence. Converted to our peso, it would be less than a 100M residential property and I'm talking about only the house, less the lot. Damn! I could build maybe about 20-units A-1 class condominium complete with facilities on that amount of money, in Pinas of course.

we had popiah and porridge for dinner and i enjoyed them a lot. Popiah is a local delicacy comparable to our 'lumpiang sariwa', but with more added ingredients. On a lumpia wrapper, place a chinese lettuce leaf, then spread some chili paste, grinded nuts, grinded salted fish, egg, shrimp, sliced chorizo, bean sprouts and saute'd mixed vegies, then wrap it same as lumpia. Put in the sweet sauce with garlic and yum! I had 2 pieces of it. Then porridge, with toppings of thinly sliced beef steak, grilled pork, century egg, onion leaf and chili soy sauce. That give me an idea that we could really enjoy even a simple meal if we share-in a little effort in preparing them before putting it on our mouth. And we will not enjoy the dinner without the Wine, the boss have a wine cellar - a temperature-controlled room. I think we have openned 4 bottles of fine red wine.

going home, my colleague commented that we should not go to that kind of houses, we will only have a feeling of self-pity and ended up asking why ain't I born rich like them. I just kept quiet but not anxious. In fact I smiled to my self because I surely know that when I arrive home, my wife and my kid will welcome me with warm hugs and kisses.

but its fine if i could win the chinese new year lottery next week.

Thursday, February 03, 2005

Gong Xi Fa Cai

at last, a week rest for the celebration of chinese lunar new year. No work, no sideline and a stress-free week ahead (hopefully).

Part of their custom is giving 'ampao'(aginaldo) on their new year. I always recieve 10$ ampao on a small red envelop from the boss, aside from 'percentage' bonus they give every new year, talking about 'being un-galante', hehehe. This year, no bonus, no ampao and I had reserve that (wishful) amount of money to buy a new SLR camera, tsk tsk tsk, 'it's me' counting the chicks before the eggs hatch.

I haven't seen Chinatown during this festive season. They said there's a lot of bargain sale - food and everything. Ba Kua (grilled meat), a lot of candies and mandarin oranges are the best buys during this season. We'll go for a walk one of this night to share the experience of lunar new year rush.

We're off for a 3-day road trip to Malaysia next week and I've booked for 3 holiday destinations - Sunway Lagoon, Genting and Kuala Lumpur. From what i've seen on travel shows, Malaysia is quite a beautiful country, rich with natural resources and tourist spots. Maybe we can compare it with Pinas during 60's when everything was 'virgin' - forests, beaches, mountains, ladies (bweheheh). Seriously, I envy them, that they take good care of their resources and maintain it's natural state, hope we can do that also.

Have a safe and relax trip - to us, hik!

Eyes wide shut

It's 1 am and just finished my sideline, I'm hungry but too lazy to prepare some food. Guess i'm just gonna hit the sack. Good Morning!